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Lost is what I initially felt at the Broken Social Scene concert last weekend. On a good note, the concert boasted a couple of firsts; the first time Mosiac brought in one of Canada's most acclaimed acts, the first time I went to a concert without listening to much of the band's music and astonishingly, the first time almost everyone leapt out of their seats and started dancing once the music started. By the end of the concert, I was a fan :o)

As part of the
annual Mosiac Music Festival, the Broken Social Scene concert was arguably one of the festival highlights .The group had a little help from several guest stars on horns - fellow Mosaic acts, Dutch female trumpeter Saskia Laroo, saxophonist Greg Thomas from George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic and local trumpeter Daniel Wong who spiced up several of the band's numbers with spontaneous solos.

A few nights later, I went to see Sondre Lerche...with a bunch of friends and repeated the whole cycle of jumping up and down and singing...and horror of horrors, being a total fan. No thanks in part to Matthew who met the guy the night before at the Mum showcase, took a picture with Sondre and called me to tell me. Bastard!

Because of that, I ended up standing in the autograph line for all of 40mins to get my CD signed at the end of the concert. Together with all the fans and crazy people. Although I didn't get to take a picture with him, I have to say that Sondre embodies that whole singer-songwriter image. Complete with waifish look, shy smile and big soulful blue eyes that twinkled at me warmly when I did my gushy fan impression. Yay me.

But did I like the showcase? Hell yeah! Although Sondre Lerche was a much more serious musician than the ever entertaining Jason Mraz, I had a fantastic time. And yes, I love his music. I also had a great time watching a couple of friends suddenly jump up and start dancing a few rows ahead of me...the joy of concerts. We don't just go to watch a favorite artiste, we meet up with long-lost friends too.

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