This past weekend, a bunch of us went to check out a new Latin club in Clarke Quay.

Azzucar! (yeap, just like in the song!), is located in Blk D, #02-03 and plays a mix of live Latin music, Latin pop, reggeton and salsa almost every night. Sunday is salsa night so for salseros who need their salsa fix to kick start the week, head on down.

What's good: The band is exciting and keeps you on your feet throughout their sets. The music is hot. There is no cover charge - yes, you read it right. From now till about May, it's free entry for all. And, for all you alcoholics out there, there is a 1-for-1 promo till 10pm. Beers are priced at $12 a pop.

What can be improved: People should respect the dance floor. If this place is going to be anything like Union Square, then patrons should not be allowed to carry their drinks onto the dance floor! How irresponsible is that? The floor in Azzucar is great for dancing and hopefully more salseros will be patronizing the place.

There were some familiar faces but it seems to be a largely expatriate crowd for now. Hopefully, the club will draw in more visiting salseros and not go down the road of being a small Movida. Movida plays a lot of great music and packs out the place every weekend but it's too commercialized and no one lets serious dancers on the floor - which can be annoying, especially when there is a great song on.

What more, with Union Square closing for renovations in the middle of March, local salseros need to find a new hangout and Azzucar has the potential to be a great alternative venue.

While I'd like to post photos from our night out, I have to report that due to human error (read: idiocy) I accidentally deleted the photos before downloading them into my comp.

My genius simply astounds me.

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dancingdiva said...

Hey gal, nice one. I must go down to have a look then! ;)

Bitchy Witchy said...

Thanks, you have to! I loved the band :o)

danny said...

it astounds me too sometimes =)

Bitchy Witchy said...

Woa...someone's damn free at the beetee, man.

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