Making the yuletide gay

Christmas time is one of my favourites; a time of festive joy and cheer, where people get together to spread some festive cheer and those who are constantly cooped up in the office are set loose on the unsuspecting public.

Oh my...

I remember a time where my xmas party photos were banned, yes, literally BANNED from the company site. And while there are some gems here, there's nothing too censorious overall.

Thanks, xmas party gang for ensuring that all of us were nicely liqoured up for the night and that half the people didn't remember what happened, let alone how they ended up in such incriminating photos :o)

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Elizabeth said...

Man, I remember those banned photos..... They were OMG!!!!!

Bitchy Witchy said...

I have mental photos of things I should never see too...aye!

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