Backstage at the show (Part I)

Time has this knack of passing by so quickly at times, that it just makes you dizzy thinking about it. I was there when LADC did their first big show in 2005, Hope Street Reconstructed. Two years down the road and another batch of dance scholars are ready to show the world (or their world) what they are capable of.

From front of house, I'm now working backstage as a quick changer for Break it Down. Who knew that goes on backstage at a show? It's a facinating, yet funny process:

  • Blocking is only meant on stage and not back stage
  • It's all about timing, dammit
  • No rest for the crew applies throughout - cos once the dancers are offstage, they'll need less than a minute to change and run out for the next item
  • No shy people - we have someone dancing on stage in their boxers, man!
  • No divas - which is great cos then we can get moving...
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse - this week is choc full of rehearsals every, bloody night...
  • Rehearsals in different studios - I'll bet $25 that someone's gonna end up in the wrong place, at the wrong time...guarantee

As of this moment, it's 11 days to showtime and things are heating up - well, it's certainly more tiring for the dancers, especialy those who are doing 10+ items (madness, I say) but it's an interesting process to observe, nonetheless...keep your eyes peeled.

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