Just when you thought life couldn't be any weirder, it does.

Thanks to a certain crazy friend of mine, I managed to rack up a few extra points that will probably facilitate my application to the funny farm. Let's recount the past few days. Now that I think about it, the whole affair was rather Get Smart-ish - yes, I am that kind of secret agent.

  • I helped said crazy friend scout for and buy a Rolex watch - yes, the watch is gorgeous, the cost even more so
  • Met up with another friend who was "the money"
  • Forgot to ask the retailer what the shop name was and where it was located - this resulted in walking into the wrong place, mistaking the wrong person and one of the most embarassing experiences, ever
  • "the money" was amused
  • Working in PR has helped me develop thick skin - thank you, Gods of Humiliation
  • Finally located the right shop, the right person and got the watch - Yay!
  • Proposed to 'drop' the watch and take a an evil picture for the obsessed friend
  • "the money' thinks I'm nuts - What's new?
  • Took the watch home and finally dropped it off to another friend who is 'the courier'

Aerosmith had a song called, Amazing which had the line, "Life's a journey, not a destination..." and I couldn't agree more. Except mine is filled with mad adventures - just like a bloody Neil Gaiman novel. Heh.

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