You can sleep while I drive

Melissa Etheridge is one of my favorite singers and this song came on as I was on my way home tonight. It’s the world-weary voice of the storyteller, the one who draws you into her journey and tells you thatnot everything is as bad as you think.

The lyrics evoked something sad, yet poignant. It reminded me of the friend who introduced the song to me. Someone who really brought a bright spark into my otherwise mundane day, who’s always up for an adventure and who’s always ready with a quirky insight. Someone who’s since drifted away because of circumstances. I was actually damned amused to hear that
Travis released a song that reminded me of her.

It also reminded me times where I just want to cut out and run. Y’know, when you feel every damned thing pressing on you. Everyone wants something, they take a bite at you, swipe at your feeling, tear at your hair …scream, yell, cry…you feel three inches tall and all you want to do is just drop everything and just leave?

It reminds me of new journeys too. Of where I want to go, of the people I’d want to revisit, of new people to meet and of new beginnings. Bittersweet…that’s what I was reaching for .

Come on baby lets get out of this town
I got a full tank of gas with the top rolled down
There’s a chill in my bones
I don’t want to be left alone
So baby you can sleep while I drive

I'll pack my bag and load up my guitar
In my pocket I'll carry my harp
I got some money I saved
Enough to get underway
And baby you can sleep while I drive

We'll go thorough Tucson up to Santa Fe
And Barbara in Nashville says we're welcome to stay
I'll buy you glasses in Texas a hat from New Orleans
And in the morning you can tell me your dreams
You know I’ve seen it before
This mist that covers your eyes
You’ve been looking for something
That’s not in your life

My intentions are true
Won't you take me with you
And baby you can sleep while I drive

Oh is it other arms you want to
Hold you the stranger
The lover you’re free
Can’t you get that with me

Come on baby lets get out of this town
I got a full tank of gas with the top rolled down
If you wont take me with you
I'll go before night is through
And baby you can sleep while I drive

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