Jumble sale!!!

I’m back from a whirlwind trip to Hong Kong. Am still a frog – it’s my personal tell for tiredness. I must say, HK during sale period is bloody madness! The good news? It’s a shopper’s paradise where almost everything and the kitchen sink is discounted. The bad news? The weather just about killed the lot of us traveling from one place to another.

But what I really enjoyed this trip was that I was able to finally see HK at my own pace. Check out the photos! I can now make recommendations of where to go. The last time, we just ran from one place to another without pausing to explore – I hardly knew where I was half the time!. This time round, we stayed in the Metropark Mongkok which was easy access to the trains. What almost made up for the appalling weather was the cute bellboy when we arrived which is a bonus good (no pictures, he declined a photo. Ooo!) Must train Teresia not to faint at the sight of cute guys, though. Otherwise, we took our time at the various shopping places, pausing for great dessert moments and went to some places which not many people have been to.

Then there were the unforgettable moments, (of which we had many but I’ll restrict myself to 10):

  1. Food & dessert – Thank god for the endless walking cos we’d never work off the appalling amount of food we stuffed ourselves with! I decided to forego the Krispy Kremes this time due to heatstroke.
  2. Na’s apartment – Is smaller than my bedroom and costs twice as much!!! She also has an aircon that sounds like a plane taking off – I could never sleep with noise like that. Am very proud of her for doing the internship and finding independence in HK.
  3. Shopping – ROCKS! I ‘heart’ H&M. I need to take my sister shopping here and gosh…I ‘heart’ everything! I usually hate shopping but not taking advantage of the sale is just stupid.
  4. The beach – Yes, there are beaches in HK and they are gorgeous. Hello beach bunnies, hello gorgeous men, hello, hello, hello! The one scary thing? It’s only public showers so everyone has to shower in the open (to the delight of lecherous ah peks everywhere). Shameless exhibitionists love this though and take it as some sort of Sports Illustrated shoot…which irritated the crap out of me.
  5. The Peak – offers one of the best city views. Ever. It gave me the chills because of its sheer height and the tram ride was bloody scary. Thanks to the enormous guy who stood in front of us…imagine an elephant falling on you at while you were climbing up at 45 degrees? Fuck.
  6. Sunday mass – dang near killed us. The first church we went to was packed to gills and they thought I was Filipino – hookaay. The second church we went to, took us halfway up the Peak – which would’ve been a great workout – if we had breakfast first. Honestly, by the time I got there, I had no clue what was going on and kneeling on the floor was one way of preventing myself from falling over.
  7. Lama island – is like Singapore’s Pulau Ubin. Damn nostalgic looking – we only went there for dinner – Honestly, who the hell could hike the island in summer?! Are you MAD?!
  8. DIY facials – are the perfect way to end off a long, hard day of shopping. It recharged the batteries and made us look good the next day
  9. Friends – we caught up with almost everyone who was in HK. And amazingly, there were A LOT of people to meet…sadly, we couldn’t squeeze in everyone but, it was fantastic to meet up with long-lost friends J
  10. Disclaimer – contrary to popular belief, I did not pick up Terence in Geylang. When and how he got there has nothing to do with me.

Sadly, we didn’t make it to salsa but, I finally got to see HK and make a new friend in Teresia. The family madness which was Alicia, Na and me almost killed the lot of people we met but, we made an impression, lah!

The fact that we almost missed the flight back home and delayed the plane by 15mins was only a tiny glitch in an otherwise fantastic holiday.

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Anonymous said...

hey babe, glad you have a wonderful trip!! (i'm envious lor.. when's their next sale period?) Missing you... muacks!


Bitchy Witchy said...

Should be in winter and I miss you too! Maybe I'll cathc up with you when I get to KL...Hopfeully in early Aug :o)

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