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Work + work + work +dance + dance +dance = one damn, bloody tired girl. If looking like a panda is the IT thing right now, I'll probably be its poster girl.

But that said, there’s something about working hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly that is downright invigorating. Yeah, so I jumped from working on one tough project to another and was shipped to KL over the last week to stand in front of Sepang stadium but the thing is…it’s fun. Yes, it’s hard work, and there are definitely some hairy moments but it’s enough for now.

Tonight is performance night at Loco and gosh...I can barely move. We've been rehearsing since last weekend and over the last two nights but it's tough. This is probably just scraping the surface of performing but I can imagine what professional dancers have to go through on a daily basis. You're tired, the song's too fast, there are too mamy steps to remember, it's midnight and you have to run through your steps one last time! With feeling! And to do that everyday? Eeeps..Three hours of training = a whole lot of aching for me. At the rate I'm going, I'll probably have to hobble home. Plus it's Friday the 13th. How apt.

But this is also a week of new discoveries:

  • You should never attempt a neck drop after a few double-shots of vodka. It almost turned me into a Merlion. Almost.
  • Someone in the office secretly likes Danny.
  • Danny has a hidden talent. Doing the impression of near and far is also one of them.
  • Our interns ALL have talent which can be seen from the picture on the right. There is a theme song too...
  • This blog rocks - yes, mine also rocks but this one is strictly for the bo-liao :o)
Tomorrow it's the final round of the dreaded Showtime. It's amazing who we manage pimp out and how we actually got...or in the words of the maestro on the other side...garner (I f!@#@# hate that word!) any publicity at all. This is one of those times that I really dislike my job.

But someone has to do it, right? Right?

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