Could you be my unintended?

It only takes a minute…
To fall in love
To change your mind
To leave old memories behind

For the heart to yearn
To see that smile again
For the mind to wander
Can I do this again?

It takes courage to scale a wall
Time to see what lies beyond
To even want to take a chance
Do I want to stand by or do I jump?

Would you even look?
Would you even know?
Or would you just stand by
Shrouded in dark shadows?

Courage, my love for nothing’s set in stone
For all you know, you are not alone
Chances are meant o be taken again
For you never know what you may eventually gain

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Ever prodded a sleeping dragon, only to have it whip up and bite you in the ass? Well, neither have I. But I advocate that you should try everything...once ;P


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