Kya karoon haaye, kuch kuch hota hai

I've always loved December. Somehow, the year's end always heralds something new and exciting, something to look forward to. New possibilities that could come with the onset of the year ahead. Mmmmm...Anticipation! That's the optimist in me speaking :o)

This weekend, I finally got to catch up on some much needed rest and finally settle down to watch Kal Ho Naa Ho or "Who knows what tomorrow holds” .Yes Belle, I caught it at last! I have to admit that watching Hindi movies is one of the myfavoritee things. I've always been a big movie fan but Bollywood movies have a special place in my heart. Why? Well, everyone knows about the gorgeous stars (hello, hello, hello...!),the singing, and dancing, the colorful costumes and the fabulous scenery. But how many people actually appreciate the story? Apart from the pomp andpageantryy, the magic of the Bollywood film lies in its story. Sure, most of it is simple rom-com or family drama fare but damn, no one delivers heartfelt stories like Bollywood.

If you really take the time to watch one you'll know what I mean. Yes, yes, I know that the movies are around 3 hours long but then again, the stories are stitched together to form an almost seamless movie that covers all bases. The closet romantic in me loves the whole shebang. I've watched countless Hollywood rom-coms but I've never felt that I was part of any of those movies. Compared to Hindi movies where you get family drama, romance and action all at once, Hollywood fare is well...boring. Yea, so we all know the foregone conclusion of the movies but where's the added spice? We never get to see the human essence of the characters, or the flaws. What we usually get is the romanticised version of what the audience expects. Which is why we all wait to catch Hollywood rom-coms on dvd. :P

The Bollywood movie meanwhile shows how the relationship between the characters develop, how their family reacts to the situation and how everything is resolved in the end. Be it disapproval or warm-hearted happiness, the audience is taken on a roller-coaster ride that goes through the highs and lows of each stage. I candefinitelyy see why the movies are gaining a greater foothold among avid movie-goers worldwide. It's pure escapism. Once you step in, you are taken to a world where anything is possible. You'll find love with that wonderful stranger (Pardes) , or meet life-long friends (Dil Chata Hai), triumph of the Indian spirit (Lagaan) or cry buckets, yes, I bloody did, over Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. I dunno about you but I've laughed and wept along with more Bollywood movies than I can count. And yes, part of me would always be tickled at the ridiculousness of how dancers can suddenly appear en masse at each song and how the hero never fails to get seriously hurt in fights.

Oh and for the detractors, the movies are not all about couples rolling down hills. Not anymore. Unlike you people, the movies have progressed along nicely and we actually have a variety of different plots and they now actually do water scenes, desert scenes and of course who can forget the Swiss mountains and the workers in the fields?

So, go ahead, mock all you want and laugh but if you've never enjoyed a Bollywood movie, now's the time. And if you were wondering what the title of this entry means, it's a line from a song taken off one of myfavoritee movies. Translating literally into "What can I do, oh, something is happening". Oh yeah, something is definitelyy happening ;o)

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jky said...

Was this the one with eh.... Shah Rukh Khan? That the showed on TV last night? I saw it briefly before I nodded off. It had great location :)

Bitchy Witchy said...

This this the month of the Khan...the movies that they will show over the next few sundays are classics!

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